Mighty Solutions is a back-office software development company residing in Riga, Latvia. Out main orientation is web and mobile code outsourcing.


We are a team of young and professional web and mobile device programmers, we build simple, straight-forward web sites and mobile applications. We provide you with tools to make your presence felt on the web. We'll try to build straigth-forward, simple, direct to the point web and mobile tools for you and your company to make your business run as good as it should.


What can we do for you? Our main specialization is a web application and site development using following technologies:

We build mobile applications for the following platforms:

We have a wide experience of working with the following database management systems:


We can develop a large variety of products for your needs. Basically, it can be any kind of web site or web service, and mobile application for Android and iOS systems:

We have a big experience of working with payment systems to allow you accepting payments from all around the world (PayPal / WebMoney / Credit Cards), and we also worked a lot with high-load systems (up to several millions of unique users daily).

We provide outsourcing services of any kind - building a new projects for you or supporting your existing code.

If you are interested in any kind of service or cooperation, please feel free to contact us via e-mail, phone or skype